Brings new life to corals and allows them to flourish as they would in nature.
 Organically boosts the growth of coralline algae
 Helps enhance the survival and growth of hard and soft corals
 Maintains an ongoing cycle that continually breaks down organic waste
 Conditions water to return to its natural state

Energizes the natural micro-organisms found in live sand and live rock.
 Helps live sand and live rock maintain natural biological filtration
 Creates a symbiotic condition that neutralizes debris and other waste
 Increases the ability to utilize
waste material

Fully cycles a new aquarium in two days.
 That's Right, Two Days!!!
 Boosts the Bilogicals of an established
aquarium to maintain an ongoing cycle
 Organically breaks down solid and soluable waste

Stimulates oxygenation which eliminates the food sources for nuisance algae.
 Enhances clarity of the tank by eliminating the food sources for nuisance algae blooms (including green hair, brown diatom and red slime)
 Not harmful to fish, plants, corals, rocks and other living organisms in the aquarium
 Does not contain copper sulfate
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